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Transcultural Nursing & Health Care Consulting is a private organization providing a range of
Consulting Services for nurses, including: TCN Education, TCN Research, TCN Practice and issues
relating to TCN Administration/management/leadership.

Presentations in small and large groups, transculturally appropriate teaching methods, presentation at national and international conferences, to healthcare care/caring organizations and private
organization in managing cultural diversity in healthcare. Presentations will address the interface
between inclusive policies and culturally competent care…in the context of Australia and globally.

TCN Education:

Provide educational courses in TCN, including a six days course with diverse teaching styles –
didactic, flexible and independent learning, online courses and problem-based learning on various
topics of interest such as; community nursing, primary health care, child and family health, chronic
and acute care.

TCN Research:

  • Provide consultation on research on topics in diverse care settings including, home and community
  • and healthcare settings (Hospital and health clinics).
  • How to prepare a research proposal, domain of inquiry and research questions?
  • Ethnonursing research methods with enablers.
  • How to conduct an ethnonursing research study?
  • TCN Supervision relating to diverse clinical settings,
  • TCN Communication and use of healthcare interpreters.

TCN Presentations:

Dr Omeri will conduct presentations on specific topics relating to TCN practice;
TCN leadership and education as well as keynote address at national and international conferences
or local venues. Other topics of interest include:

  • What is new in TCN? 
  • Mentoring beyond boundaries
  • On becoming certified as a TCN
  • Excellence in TCN? What it means?
  • Certification, on becoming a Certified TCN – the process
  • Present and share CCT and the use of Ethnonursing Research Methods Leininger (2004) and other emerging models such as (Andrews & Boyle 2013; Camphinha-Bacote 2010; Giger & Davidhizar 1999; Papadopoulos 2006; Purnell and Paulanka, 2003-2008)
  • A place for TCN in other disciplines! 
  • Politics and TCN
  • TCN and human rights!
  • Globalization in TCN!

Round table discussion topics on ‘One world many cultures’
All other suggestions and inquiries will be taken on, pending on relevance.
Please note minimum number of 10 attendees are needed for any presentations.

TCN Leadership:

Provide consultation to organizations through training and presentation relating to Administrative
and leadership issues towards increasing organizational cultural competence, recruitment and
retention of students and staff from non-English speaking background and encouraging and sharing
cultural-specific/universal leadership to promote culturally congruent work environment.

Transcultural Nursing Society Global: www.tcns.org

History, the birth of, membership, benefits. Human rights and politics and globalization of TCN, the future of nursing….


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