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My Curriculum Vitae
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 Awards & Distinctions:

Order of Australia Medal (OAM) for services to nursing and in Transcultural Nursing (2012)

Leininger Award to recognize outstanding and creative leaders in Transcultural nursing (1998)
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Certification in TCN-Advanced (1992 - 2016)
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TCN Scholar Award (2005) (click here)


A Few Publications:

Omeri A (2004) Understanding transcultural nursing. Nursing Review, Jan 2004.

Omeri A (2004) Setting the Standard in Transcultural nursing. Nursing Review, Aug 2004.

Omeri A (2004) The certified key to global nursing. Nursing Review, Oct 2004.

Omeri A (1998) Course charts cultural shift. (Sydney University News)

Omeri A (1995) A bedside manner to transcend borders. (An interview by Anne Sarzin, Editor
Sydney University News)



Research Articles:

Omeri A, Lennings C, Raymond L (2004) Hardiness and transformational coping in asylum seekers:
the Afghan experience.

Omeri A, Raymond L (2010) Diversity in the context of multicultural Australia:
Implications for Nursing practice. Context of Nursing

Omeri A, Ahern M (1999) Utlizing culturally congruent strategies to enhance recruitment and
retention of Australian indigenous nursing students. Journal of TCN.10 (2) 150-155.

Omeri A (1997) Care: What it means to Iranian immigrants in NSW. Journal of Nursing Science,
9(5) 5-10.

Brooke D, Omeri A (1999) Beliefs about childhood immunization among Lebanese Muslim immigrants
in Australia. Journal of TCN .10 (3) 229-236.



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